Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Ideas for Future Months...

Per a conglomeration of brainstorming at last months book club:

The Lost Symbol
The Shack
Les Miserables
The Great Divorce
Zookeepers Wife
I Am Mother
Galileos Daughter
Fahrenheit 451
Water for Elephants
#1 Ladies Detective Agency

I believe at Brittany's house we decided that after Cry The Beloved Country, we were going to read Thorn Birds, then Mere Christianity [if Kim still wants that one], Eat, Pray, Love [if Jill still wants that one] and I'm going to choose Pope Joan.

So... the order for right now should be... approximately:

March - The Alchemist
April - Cry, the Beloved Country
May - Thorn Birds
June - Mere Christianity
July - Eat, Pray, Love
August - Pope Joan
September - The Good Earth?

Everyone! Does this sound right???? Please Add Add Add! Or make whatever changes you need to!!! Jessica, we haven't really had a pick from your direction in a while!!


  1. I just picked up a book the other day that I am thinking of suggesting. It looks good, but we will see...

  2. Looks great!!!! Wish I could read them all right now!!!